Pneumococcal Vaccine

What is a Pneumococcal Vaccine?

Pneumococcal disease is a highly contagious respiratory illness caused by the pneumococcus bacteria. Pneumococcal disease can lead to serious health problems including pneumonia, meningitis (inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord), and septicaemia (blood infection). The vaccine prevents pneumococcal disease by protecting against the types of pneumococci that most commonly cause these illnesses. Some pneumococcal infections can be prevented with a vaccine. This vaccine helps to prevent certain bacterial infections. This vaccine prevents the diseases caused by Streptococcus pneumonia bacteria and Haemophilus influenza bacteria.

Causes & Treatment

What Causes Pneumococcal Disease?

The bacteria that cause pneumococcal disease are carried in the air and are spread from person to person. They can be found in the nose and throat of people who have the bacteria but do not show any symptoms.

Who is At Risk for Contracting Pneumococcal Disease?

Everyone! But certain people are more at risk than others for getting this disease.

People at high risk need to get vaccinated against this dangerous illness.

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