Headaches & Migraines

What is a Headaches & Migraines?

Chronic or severe headaches are not only inconvenient to live with, but they may also be a sign of underlying health problems.

If you can’t get rid of a headache with a nap or over-the-counter drugs, you should seek diagnosis and treatment at a nearby urgent care facility.


Causes & Treatment

Migraine Symptoms

Headaches are common, but not all headaches are migraines. Most headaches are mild to moderate in strength, and over-the-counter pain medications are effective. Migraines range in severity from mild to severe, and they can linger for hours or days. Migraines can make it difficult to engage in routine activities.

AT NAEMC Every Type Of Headache Is Treated:

Abdominal headache (commonly affects children 5-9)

Headache in Clusters

Cervicogenic headache is a type of headache that is caused by the

Migraines and chronic headaches

Exertional Headache is a type of headache that occurs as a result of

Continua Hemicrania (ongoing pain on one side)

Migraine with Hemiplegia (temporary paralysis or weakness on one side)

Medication Overuse Headache

Headache During Menstruation Migraine accompanied by aura (visual disturbances & other sensations)

Migraines that aren’t accompanied by an aura

New Persistent Daily Headache

Migraines with ocular and visual symptoms

Hemicrania Paroxysmal (short, severe headaches on one side)

Headache in Children and Adolescents

Headache after Covid 19

Headache after a traumatic event

Headache Due to Pressure

Headache that is unbearable

Migraine Migraine Migraine Migraine Migraine Migraine Mi

Headache of Tension

Headaches caused by TMJ

Vestibular migraines, among other things…

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