What is a DRUG TEST?

A drug test is a type of medical examination that can be used to detect the presence of drugs in someone’s body. Drug tests can be used to test for recreational drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin as well as prescription or over-the-counter medications such as steroids, opioids, and Adderall.


Types of Tests: 

A urinalysis test is the most common type of drug test and it is typically used to detect the use of marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, PCP, and ecstasies

There are a number of different types of drug tests but the two most common types are urine tests and blood tests. Urine tests can detect the presence of certain drugs (such as cocaine) for up to 7 days after a person last used the drug while blood tests can only detect the presence of a drug for a few hours after use.

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