Cuts & Scrapes

What is Cuts & Scrapes?

You may believe that a cut or scratch is unimportant. However, any time the skin is broken, infection is a possibility. So knowing how to treat cuts and scrapes at home — and when to see a doctor — is beneficial.

Causes & Treatment

What Are the Symptoms of an Infected Cut?

A cut, scratch, or scrape may appear to be minor at first, but it can quickly become infected. When bacteria enter the skin, it causes an infection.

Call your doctor right away if you experience any of these signs of infection:

redness in the area of the cut
Increased swelling or pain around the wound as a result of red streaking extending from the cut
Cut fever produces a white, yellow, or green liquid.
Antibiotics will be prescribed by the doctor to assist your body in fighting the illness.

When Should I Go to the Doctor If I Get a Cut?

If a wound is bleeding profusely, seek the help of an adult or contact your doctor straight once. Using a clean bandage or cloth, cover the wound. If the blood soaks through, don’t remove the initial bandage; instead, replace it with a new one. To assist stem the bleeding, raise the injured body part above your head (or as high as you can).

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