What is Burns?

Tissue damage can be caused by hot liquids, the sun, flames, chemicals, electricity, steam, and other factors. Children are frequently injured in the kitchen as a result of hot liquids, soups, and microwaved foods.
Major burns necessitate immediate medical attention. The majority of minor burns may be cured with first aid.

Causes & Treatment

Taking care of severe burns

Assist the burned person in avoiding further harm. Make sure the person you’re helping isn’t in contact with the source of the burn if it’s safe to do so. Before approaching someone who has been burned by electricity, check sure the power source is turned off. Do not attempt to remove clothes that has been lodged in the burn.
Make sure the person who was burned is breathing. If you know how, start rescue breathing if necessary.

Until aid arrives in an emergency

Remove all jewelry, belts, and other tight things from the burned area and around the neck. Burned parts immediately enlarge.
Cover the burn with a cloth. Cover the area loosely with gauze or a clean towel.
Raise the level of the charred area. If possible, elevate the wound above the level of the heart.
Keep an eye out for warning signals.

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