A sports physical allows a clinician to detect any conditions that could keep an athlete out of the game or impair performance. Athletes should get a physical six weeks before the start of the season, however this can vary depending on the sport. Prior to participating in the activity, this period allows you to manage an existing injury or increase your conditioning.

A pre-participation physical examination, sometimes known as a sports physical, is required of every member of a school sports team. Sports physicals are available at our urgent care.

Causes & Treatment

Why Physical examination?

A medical history and a physical examination are both included in a sports physical. Sports physicals are used to assess an athlete’s overall health, current fitness level, injury risk, and physical well-being. Physical examinations are advised for adolescents and adults who participate in the following sports:

Interleague or school sports programs
Sports teams from local clubs
New workout routines

Where Work Related Physicals ?

We provide piece of mind with our entire range of occupational physicals and screenings, ensuring that you are healthy and capable of performing at your best at work.
Receiving regular physical exams and screenings is a crucial aspect of sustaining health and fitness at work. We’re complying with your company’s policies, procedures, and regulatory standards and we’re committed to providing you with an exceptional experience. There is no need to make an appointment; simply stroll in.

At most of our locations, our highly-trained medical professionals provide the following types of physicals:

DOT (to schedule a DOT physical, please call 1-844-832-2689)
DOT look-alike
Types of Screening

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