Fractures & Dislocations

What is a Fracture & Dislocations?

Accidents resulting in fractured bones, fractures, and dislocations can occur unexpectedly. Healing properly necessitates quick medical attention, but going to the emergency department could mean waiting for hours before seeing a doctor — and being saddled with a hefty fee. Visit Midwest Express Clinic’s walk-in urgent care to avoid the long wait and high out-of-pocket charges. We offer on-site x-ray and diagnostics so that we can fully analyze your injuries and give you with the best treatment plan possible. You can even let us know you’re coming by reserving a space in the waiting area of your local store online.

Causes & Treatment

What causes of Fractures ?

Treatment for Fractures and Dislocations: We recognize that suffering from a fracture or dislocation can be a terrifying experience. We’ll look after you and make you feel safe and secure.

What causes of Dislocations?

The nature and severity of your injury, as well as other circumstances, will influence your treatment approach. It may consist of:
Manually repositioning a displaced bone in its junction
A sling or splint is used to keep a dislocated joint immobilized.
A cast or brace is used to keep a broken bone in place while it heals.
After a dislocation, surgery to relocate and stabilize shattered bones or to mend torn ligaments is performed.
Once you’ve healed, you’ll need orthopedic rehabilitation to regain muscle strength and joint range of motion.

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