COVID 19 Care

What is an Rapid COVID-19 Testing?

With our COVID-19 swab test, you can find out if you have an active infection in minutes. We will swab your nose and/or throat during this examination. This test is for people who have symptoms or have been in the presence of an infected person. However, not everyone requires testing. If you’re unsure whether you need a COVID-19 test, contact your nearest American Family Care. Virtual screenings and in-person consultations are available from our doctors.

Causes & Treatment

Why is an NAEMC offers the following services?

Tests for COVID-19

Rapid COVID-19 Swab Test Test for COVID-19

Antibody Test for COVID-19

Vaccinations against COVID-19

Waiting spaces that are socially isolated and cleaned

AFC TeleCare offers convenient phone screenings with a doctor.

Work is an Prevention Is Better The Cure?

Take care of yourself. Defend Others:

Put on a mask.

Cover your mouth and nose.

Please wash your hands.

Using soap and water for 20 seconds.

Alternatively, use a hand sanitizer that has 60% alcohol.

Maintain a safe distance.

Keep a distance of two arm-lengths or six feet between you and those who don’t live with you.

Crowds should be avoided.

Get vaccinated against the flu.

Test yourself.

Vaccinate yourself.